(500) Days of winter

Winter is here, time to layer up! On a trip to my favorite local thrift store, I copped this oversized, pinstripe flannel for $0.50, this precious white top for $4.49, and the cutest pair of penny loafers for $4! I paired it with my favorite pair of jeans, purchased on Poshmark for $27. Since it’s a bit chilly, I layered another jacket over top and put on some cute frilly socks!

Thrifting tip: if you’re looking to buy jeans online through a secondhand clothing app, ask for specific measurements! It’s best to ask for the flat waist measurement, the inseam, and the rise. Then compare the measurements to a pair of jeans you already own. This has worked for me every time! It’s much more trustworthy than buying retail denim online where specific measurements often aren’t given. 

I went online and found some cute, similar pieces in order to compare the prices. These stunning penny loafers from ModCloth were priced at $59. The striped button down was from the men’s section of ASOS for $26, and the jeans were also from ASOS for $51. The blouse is a “Caroline Top” from Brandy Melville for $24. This creates a total of $160. Those prices definitely could be worse, but they could also be better if you thrifted the outfit for $36 instead!

Interested in this outfit? Find it on my Poshmark! https://poshmark.com/closet/itsbrooklynb