not so clueless

Got a business meeting at 9pm and a New Years party at 10? Try this flirty yet sophisticated look! I thrifted this gorgeous blazer for only $8. Then I snatched this black, tie up crop top for $4.49, and these high-waisted, emerald trousers (which I’m obsessed with) for $8. 

Thrifting tip: if you too are a sucker for vintage blazers, and you don’t want to shell out triple digits, dive into the jacket section at Goodwill! No matter which location I’m at, I’ve always had amazing luck finding old, stylish jackets. You know what they say…one grandma’s trash is a millennial hipster’s treasure.

I went online and found some cute, similar pieces in order to compare the prices. The blazer is from Urban Outfitters and currently on sale for $139 (originally $222). The green trousers, also from Urban, were $59. And the black “Amara Top” cost $23 from Brandy Melville. This creates a total of $221, while the total of my thrifted outfit cost just over $20. 

Interested in this outfit? Find it on my Poshmark!