A Serious Woman

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This outfit will demand attention while still remaining muted. The colors are casual but the bold cut of the jacket and daring weight of the 90’s boots creates a pleasant juxtaposition. I purchased this stunning jacket from Goodwill for a mere $5. I got the boots for $10, the little white tee for $2, and my favorite purchase of all- these stunning black Levi 512’s for $10. I added the frilly white socks for a bit of fun!

Thrifting tip: use Poshmark! This app makes it easy to sell clothing (and dangerously easy to buy). My favorite thing about it is that you can bid a lower price on desired purchases. This will make you never want to return to online shopping with those frigid, set in stone prices.

I went online and found some cute, similar pieces in order to compare the prices. I found this shorter, plaid trench coat from Zara for $40 (originally $99). I also found a pair of High Rise black Levi’s for $60, a minimal white tee from Madewell for $14.50, and lastly this pair of black, lace up boots from ASOS for $48. I adore all of these products, but I’d rather pull off the look for a mere $27 over $162.50 any day. And I get to feel good about being sustainable? Sign me up.

Interested in this outfit? Find it on my Poshmark! https://poshmark.com/closet/itsbrooklynb