Ingrid Goes South


Winter is on its way out, but don’t trade your jackets for dresses so quickly! Avoid the bulky winter look but stay warm by layering up in all that blazer, sweater glory. I paired this $5, multi-colored sweater from Goodwill overtop a thin, gray bodysuit. The turtleneck adds a lovely juxtaposition to the V-neck sweater, while also keeping me cozy. I tucked this into some vintage denim I found at Habitat for Humanity for $5, and threw on a leather messenger bag, also from Habitat, for just $2. I topped it all off with my trusty Dr. Martens and my favorite thrifted piece so far; a chocolatey brown velvet blazer from Goodwill for $8!

Thrifting tip: if you’re searching online for thrift shops in your area, don’t forget to check out antique shops as well. The Habitat for Humanity in my town doesn’t show up on Google as a thrift store, but don’t let this fool you! Many antique stores have a lovely clothing section full of hidden gems. You just have to search a bit harder!

I went online and found some cute, similar pieces in order to compare the prices. I found this blue, v-neck sweater for $14 on Shein, this gorgeous velvet blazer for $92 at ASOS, these mom jeans for $35 at Rue21, and lastly, this rustic leather messenger bag on Amazon for $37. This adds up to $178, not including tax or shipping costs. My thrifted outfit, not including the shoes or bodysuit, only cost me $20! You don’t have to pay a large price to be cute and cozy!

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