The Portland Project


The sunshine is here! Time for short sleeves and iced coffees. One of my favorite stylistic choices, is to pair masculine items with feminine ones. So today I went downtown with my new Levi’s, which I copped from the men’s section for $10. Then I grabbed this adorable, feminine plaid blouse for $5, this denim, Harley Davidson button up for $12. Then I found the cutest pair of Dr. Marten lookalikes (actually vintage sketchers) for $9. And lastly, this burlap sack turned ultra hipster book bag, for $5. This wasn’t the cheapest of thrifted looks, but definitely less expensive than anything retail!

Thrifting tip: browse the jewelry section of your local thrift stores! At Goodwill, the jewelry section is always something I overlooked. But recently I’ve found the cutest pairs of earrings for under $2. Never underestimate the power of a simple hoop earring! As a 20 year old who is often mistaken for 14, I cling to the little things that take my style from hipster teen, to an actual, semi-adult woman. A classic pair of hoops is perfect for this subtle, style elevation.

I went online and found some cute, similar pieces in order to compare the prices. I spotted this lovely plaid top from ASOS, originally $48, but now on sale for $19. Next, a similarly washed pair of Levi’s 550’s for $79 from Urban Outfitters. The closest thing I could find to a black, denim button up, was this long sleeve version from Zara for $29.90. If you want a simple burlap bag, this won’t be difficult to obtain. I actually found a cheaper version online for $3.50 at Online Fabric Store. And finally, I discovered these chunky black sneakers from ASOS for $48. This totals to a retail price of $179.40, versus the thrifted price of $41.

Interested in this outfit? Find it on my Poshmark!