The Portland Project

The sunshine is here! Time for short sleeves and iced coffees. One of my favorite stylistic choices, is to pair masculine items with feminine ones. So today I went downtown with my new Levi’s, which I copped from the men’s section for $10. Then I grabbed this adorable, feminine plaid blouse for $5, this denim, […]

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Ingrid Goes South

Winter is on its way out, but don’t trade your jackets for dresses so quickly! Avoid the bulky winter look but stay warm by layering up in all that blazer, sweater glory. I paired this $5, multi-colored sweater from Goodwill overtop a thin, gray bodysuit. The turtleneck adds a lovely juxtaposition to the V-neck sweater, […]

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A Serious Woman

This outfit will demand attention while still remaining muted. The colors are casual but the bold cut of the jacket and daring weight of the 90’s boots creates a pleasant juxtaposition. I purchased this stunning jacket from Goodwill for a mere $5. I got the boots for $10, the little white tee for $2, and […]

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(500) Days of winter

Winter is here, time to layer up! On a trip to my favorite local thrift store, I copped this oversized, pinstripe flannel for $0.50, this precious white top for $4.49, and the cutest pair of penny loafers for $4! I paired it with my favorite pair of jeans, purchased on Poshmark for $27. Since it’s […]

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not so clueless

Got a business meeting at 9pm and a New Years party at 10? Try this flirty yet sophisticated look! I thrifted this gorgeous blazer for only $8. Then I snatched this black, tie up crop top for $4.49, and these high-waisted, emerald trousers (which I’m obsessed with) for $8.  Thrifting tip: if you too are […]

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Full Denim Jacket

Here’s a fun, color block outfit! These gray-toned, camouflage cargos costed $3.99. The Deutschland, Germany tee was $2.99. I paired the outfit with some denim, a belt, and my trusty Dr. Martens. Thrifting tip: shop in ALL sections! Guess where I found these pieces? Yep. The pre-teen boy section. (I’m not sure if I should be […]

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